• GENRE: Puzzle / Platformer
  • PLATFORM: Nintendo 3DS ()
  • STUDIO: Fishing Cactus


Shift Dx is an adaptation of the popular video game franchise “Shift”. This version for 3DS contains all levels from “Shift 1” and “Shift 2” and more than one hundred new levels. In Shift Dx, the player has to resolve rooms which are half black and half white. At start, all black tiles constitute platforms. When the player presses a specific key, the room flips upside down, and the opposite color (white in the example) becomes platform. Our main character, who lost her memory, has been chosen to pass a whole battery of tests. Will subject 42 succeed and escape this crazy experiment?

The heroine has to find best ways to get keys and reach exit doors while avoiding spikes and many traps. Each time a room is resolved in adventure, player can try to resolve it in challenge mode: same level with a limited number of jumps and shifts allowed to succeed.


I had the opportunity to work on Shift Dx during my four-month internship four in Fishing Cactus in 2015 (from July to September). An external partner was already working on several levels for the game and production was only beginning.

  • Tweak and change gameflow: my first mission was to reorder all levels already implemented to get the best gameflow as possible. Lots of tests were necessary to define the good progression between each puzzles. Furthermore, always for a stronger progression feeling, I’ve created the full plot and write all texts.
  • Design and implement 100 levels:  I was in charge of implement levels created by the external partner. For a better flow, I could change all levels as I wanted. Currently, I’ve changed almost all of them and created a big majority.
  • Scripting all interfaces from game’s menus: I was in charge of scripting all interfaces. It was a great occasion for learning development’s constraint with a 3DS development kit.