• GENRE: Arcade (Versus)
  • MULTIPLAYER: 1v1 (local)


Chroma Fight is a competitive game for two players where they have to capture more squares than opponent. The goal was to make a minimalist game that is easy to grasp. We had to choose whether we wanted to develop a cooperative game or a competitive game. It was realized with four other students, the project was submitted on Kongregate after five days. Additional constraints included developing in Flash/Action Script 3.0 and without any graphists.

The game is simple and fast paced, each round is very short (less than one minute). To capture a tile, an avatar needs only to pass over it. It then takes on the player’s color. Players’ scores depend on the number of tiles caught. Score multiplier tiles are present to create points of contention. These special tiles invite players to elaborate strategies: capture few tiles but all multipliers, catch a maximum of tiles before tackling the multipliers, paralyze the opponent capacity to capture tiles by capturing those behind him…


The main idea with Chroma Fight was to create a confrontation game that generates a « painting » by players’ actions. At the end of a game, the visual results are always different according to the evolution of confrontation.

  • Conceive the game mechanics and design some levels:  I have designed the whole gameplay for the game and created some levels to get different experiences. By changing the position of multipliers and blocking tiles,  strategies have to be adapted constantly.
  • Design the user interface and select color choices for players: define the UI and UX. Even with a simple looking game like Chroma Fight, colors chosen were very important to always understand any situations in game whatever player’s color. Furthermore, by choosing distinctive and various colors, paths created by players give instant feedbacks on how the game was.