• GENRE: Puzzle
  • PLATFORM: Android


Candy Krunch is a 2D puzzle game realized during a game jam of 36 hours with theme « Tycoon ». The team was composed of 4 people. In Candy Krucnh , player must feed monsters with specific candies. Those candies arrive from travolator. Thanks to specific directional pieces (which must be placed between travolators), candies can change their position and jump to one travelator from another.  The game is an endless run: it only stops when too many monsters are not satisfied and don’t get the relevant candy.

The challenge come from the anticipation of candies’ position and the timing to place directional pieces. Candies can fusion: if two of them collide (by being present on same place at same moment), they turn into a joker candy that always feed and satisfy monster (whatever is requires).


  • Design candy patterns and gameplay rules:  every candies are moving with a specific timing on same moment. That way, it was easier to control the experience and create clear gameplay rules. I helped to define all rules about candies (when and how they move to another travolator, testing and fixes edge cases, spawn frequency from each type of candy…)
  • Sound and candies’ assets: during this jam, I wanted to produce graphic assets for testing my skills: I was in charge of candy. That way, the main artist could focus on the artistic direction and other elements (monsters, travolator, background). Furthermore, I created and recorded every sounds and music present into the game.