• GENRE: Strategy
  • MULTIPLAYER: 1v1 (Local)
  • PLATFORM: Android


Randy Royal is a 2D puzzle game realized during a game jam of 36 hours with theme « Learning».  In this game two players compete to destroy nexus from opponent by sending fiend minions into fight. Players have exactly the same units with same characteristics. The twist comes from round system: each game, each type of fiend get procedural characteristics and players must learn again the interaction and estimate fiends’ strengths and weaknesses.

On game start, players must experiment and understand as fast as they can to take advantage and get closer to victory. Furthermore, according to the moment when they summon fiends, those minions can appear by groups or one by one (if players don’t want to wait to get more fiend generated).


  • Game design:  I helped to designed rules for fiends and their pathfinding. Furthermore, I designed rules for their spawning. Actually, I was in charge of user interface and define where nexus must be placed.
  • Music & opening: I have created and recorded musics for the game. I designed the opening and helped the developer to implement it in game.