• GENRE: Third Person Shooter
  • MULTIPLAYER: 4v4 or 5v5


FallenSteel is a 4v4 (or 5v5) player cooperative game running on UE4 for PC. Each team has 3 (or 4) TPS commandos. They have to infiltrate a city under quarantine after an unknown spaceship crash. Their goal is to steel a maximum of  technology from it before the opponent team. To reach the highly protected wreck site, these mercenaries are assisted by an operator with tactic top view and RTS controls. He controls a furtive drone on the battlefield with specific abilities to support the commandos (or to weaken opponent commandos).

The game is separated in two phases: a first one where commandos and their operator must be synchronized to catch some specific point on the map. If they have caught a majority of those points and keep them under control during some time, the « key » from spaceship appears. On second phase, the team who made the key appear has to bring it (by the drone from relevant operator) to a receptacle for unlocking access to spaceship and win the game. Of course, during this second phase, the other team must try to destroy the key: in that case, the game steps back on first phase and each team try again to generate the key for them. This game was developed with six other students and was our final student’s project.


  • Technical Game Design:  I was the link between the programmer and the other designers. I’ve created some features for the game by blueprints and helped other designers to implement everything they needed.
  • Manage the team and define pipelines: I was in charge of technical production by creating, using and fixing the management tools. Furthermore, I took the responsibility of scrum master (our agile methodology consists on sprints from 2 weeks).
  • Animations, FXs, sound and optimization: I support the team by doing tasks not achievable in shorts deadlines or to reduce workload from other members. Most important things were the blending of all animations (and management of states machine), create particles effects (smokes, flash, dust…), create and spacialized every sounds. Actually, I optimized some assets and render thanks to profiling tools.