• GENRE: Puzzle


Delirium is a 2D puzzle game realized during a game jam of 28 hours. The theme was the song « Strawberry fields forever » from the Beatles. This project was developed with three other people on Unity. In this game, the player controls a pink elephant obsessed with strawberries. His trunk can fire projectiles and he must collect all the strawberries in each level. The goal is to go as far as possible. In addition, we wanted to introduce various color effects, referring to the clip.

The main inspiration for the gameplay comes from pachinko. The player can only control the projectile’s firing angle. In Delirium, different bumpers and obstacles are invisible at start of each level, that must be touched by a projectile to appear. Whenever they are affected, their colors change. Thus, the game plays on visual effects : the more a ball bounces, the more « animated » the plate is.  There are two types: good strawberries that trigger a colorful effect when they are recovered; bad strawberries make all bumpers invisible again. Only good strawberries are required to complete a level.


  • Make the whole game design and all level design:  Define the concept and every mechanics. Define how to create great and several challenges with few elements and generate a strong gameflow.
  • Create sprite sheet and assets for user interface: because the jam was very short, I have helped graphic artists to create some assets and implement them directly into Unity.